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7Q1 revolutionizes your search for new suppliers – thanks to individually configurable Artificial Intelligence for your digital purchasing. You save time. You reduce process costs. 7Q1 finds the best suppliers for you in a highly automated way. Quickly, intuitively and at unbeatable prices.


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Are you already benefiting from AI in purchasing? Using 7Q1 can significantly reduce the time and effort you spend on your supplier search.

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7Q1 is the future of eProcurement. Without any special IT know-how, you can use digital scouting for your company – simply and efficiently. 7Q1 uses state-of-the-art technology to help you digitize your purchasing, optimize workflow, reduce process costs and thus increase your company's success.

This is how supplier search works using 7Q1

A new contract award is pending? You need a second source for a special product or have to ensure short-term production supply? In short: You need to find new suppliers?

This is how easy it is to get the supplier search started

Customize our AI to your business by bringing in your expertise. Request your personal 7Q1 account and answer 7 simple questions. For example: What expertise are you looking for in your suppliers? What is their application range? Which certificates are a must, which special requirements do you have? Are you looking worldwide or only in certain regions?

The 7Q1 algorithm takes over. Learn more about supplier research.

7Q1 skilfully combines your answers with each other, links them with suitable keywords and develops them further using a consistent logic. The result is an utterly individual and inimitable supplier search that fits your sourcing needs 100%.

Global sourcing in all languages

7Q1 draws on a gigantic data pool when searching for suppliers. AI searches the entire data space for you, worldwide, in all languages. A superior, multilingual competence that opens up unimagined opportunities for your company when searching for suppliers.

Verifying the suppliers found

All identified suppliers are once again put through their paces: Do they fit your operational specifications? Are all the parameters correct? Only companies verified by the AI end up on your personal longlist.

Producing the longlist

After a maximum of 30 hours, your result is ready for you: a longlist with up to 100 perfectly matching suppliers.

Processing information and contact details

Obtain an overview or make contact directly: 7Q1 presents you with all relevant information on the new suppliers as well as their contact details in a concise manner.


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You can request your access to 7Q1 in two simple steps:



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You will immediately receive an e-mail from us with your personal access data.


Digital purchasing has many benefits

7Q1 lets you experience Procurement 4.0 at its best. You benefit from the best results at an unbeatable price – and your strategic purchasing can start focusing on essential tasks.

  • Fully automated AI-based search

  • Minimal effort to start a search

  • All results within max. 30 hours

  • Global identification of suppliers due to independence regarding languages

  • Integratability into existing systems ensured 

Integrate supplier data intelligently

With just a few clicks, you can immediately integrate all relevant data into your own IT system. Our standard connectors to common systems such as SAP, Jaegger, Microsoft Dynamics and many more take care of this.

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