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Electromobility, smart technologies, autonomous driving - the automotive industry is undergoing the greatest transformation in its history. Technological, environmental and social megatrends are fundamentally changing the subject of mobility. And yet, despite all the innovation, the core business continues as normal.

For purchasing in the automotive industry, this means a double challenge: On the one hand, the focus is clearly on constant production supply, risk minimization through experienced suppliers, and absolute cost control for high volumes. On the other hand, there is the tendering of new trades and the strategic examination of innovative technologies and finding appropriate partners. The procurement markets are highly competitive, globalization and market transparency in purchasing are mandatory.

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With 7Q1, you can specifically find the best automotive suppliers - worldwide and language-independent. Configure the artificial intelligence individually for your requirements. For example, let it search for specific certificates or for suppliers with automotive experience. In a maximum of 30 hours, you will receive a longlist of perfectly suitable suppliers - and use your time for strategic tasks.

Customized AI algorithms

7Q1 offers you the possibility to customize the AI algorithms without specific knowledge and to configure them completely individually for your needs. In this way, you combine the strengths of artificial intelligence with your expertise to achieve outstanding results.

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