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In particular, material costs of all kinds are rising continuously in the healthcare sector. From regional service providers to basic medical supplies from Asia, the demands on purchasing for cost-effective, high-quality, but also consistently secure procurement are therefore also growing.

With 7Q1, you can target and find the best suppliers for your specific requirements in as little as 30 hours. Customizable and fully automated, 7Q1 finds the right service provider from the region, the wholesaler you didn't know before, and the producer on the global market who could be your new strategic partner.

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With 7Q1, you can find the best suppliers in the healthcare sector - worldwide and language-independent. Configure the artificial intelligence individually for your requirements. For example, have it search for specific certificates or for suppliers with medical experience. In a maximum of 24 hours, you will receive a longlist of perfectly suitable suppliers - and use your time for strategic tasks.

Customized AI algorithms

7Q1 offers you the possibility to customize the AI algorithms without specific knowledge and to configure them completely individually for your needs. In this way, you combine the strengths of artificial intelligence with your expertise to achieve outstanding results.

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