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You are looking for suppliers ranging from packaging materials to daily office supplies?

7Q1 offers a new boost in the search for suppliers.

Find suppliers for the logistics sector

As a logistics service provider, your focus is not on purchasing? Your company's share of indirect material costs is unnecessarily high in some areas? However, a trade-off between leveraging this potential and the resources required to achieve this should no longer be the issue in today's world.

7Q1 enables you to drastically shorten the tedious supplier research and to perform this task in a cost-effective and targeted way. Individually customizable and fully automated, our artificial intelligence finds the best suppliers for everything from the packaging material for your goods to your office equipment in just 30 hours.

Find suppliers for the logistics sector now

Find the perfect supplier by asking yourself 7 questions

7Q1 helps you find the best suppliers in a highly targeted manner – worldwide and irrespective of language. It allows you to configure the artificial intelligence individually to meet your specific requirements. For instance, run a search that specifically looks for specific producers globally or for service providers from your region. Within a maximum of 30 hours, you will be presented with a longlist of suppliers that perfectly match your needs – and in the meantime you can devote your time to strategic tasks.

7Q1 Prozess

Adjust the AI algorithm

7Q1 offers you the possibility to adapt the AI algorithms without requiring any specific knowledge and to configure them individually to your needs. You combine the strengths of artificial intelligence with your personal expertise and thus achieve outstanding results.

Find suppliers for the logistics sector now

  • Fully automated AI-based search

  • Minimal effort to start a search

  • All results within max. 30 hours

  • Global identification of suppliers due to independence regarding languages

  • Integratability into existing systems ensured 

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