Adjustable AI for Procurement

7Q1 solves the challenges of procurement providing a highly automated
and effective use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
to identify suitable suppliers.


Find new suppliers now

AI-based global supplier search
for your procurement

Reduce time and effort within your supplier scouting process significantly.

questions to clarify your demand
up to 100 suppliers identified by 'only one click'
longlist for fitting suppliers

7Q1 enables you to harness the power of a best in class procurement organization with just with a few clicks. Add value to your procrurement processes by utilizing modern technologies with the help of our adjustable AI - as simple
and quick as possible.

Identify suppliers

  • Identify fitting suppliers - worldwide and independent regarding any language skills
  • Search globally or limit the search to relevant countries or regions
  • Find all relevant information regarding new suppliers in one place
  • Contact your new partners directly - contact details are available immediately
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Reduce process costs

  • Reduce your process costs for supplier scouting compared to a classic supplier search approach
  • Use our search engine on demand basis and without additional obligations
  • Save costs for long-term licenses and consulting fees with the help of the fully automated supplier scouting
  • Create an account and start directly
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Connect data

  • Utilize the relevant data in your own IT systems with just one click
  • Our standard connectors to common systems such as SAP, Jaegger etc. are ready for you to use
  • Use all results in your in-house systems with just one click

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  • Fully automated AI-based search

  • Minimal effort to start a search

  • All results within max. 30 hours

  • Global identification of suppliers due to independence regarding languages

  • Integratability into existing systems ensured 

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