Adjustable AI for Procurement

7Q1 is your AI-based purchasing assistant.

Imagine having a tool that supports your supplier search, speaks all languages and thus can search internationally, can handle and read all formats on the internet - 24/7 - and based on your specifications, generates a list of qualified suppliers for your search on zip code level within max. 25h.

radar search

Identify Suppliers

  • Find the perfect suppliers effortlessly - worldwide and without language barriers. Whether you're looking for new business partners worldwide or want to narrow your search to specific countries or regions, we offer the solutions you need.

  • Discover all relevant information on potential suppliers in one central location and save valuable time.

  • With our extensive contact information, you can contact your new partners immediately and get straight into the business process.

  • Take advantage of the opportunity now to optimize your supplier relationships and expand successfully worldwide.

Reduce Process Costs

  • Significantly reduce your process costs for supplier scouting compared to classic supplier search. Use our sophisticated search engine, which is fully customized to your individual needs.

  • Say goodbye to the high costs of time-consuming searches or consulting fees by benefiting from our fully automated supplier search.

  • Simply create an account and get started today to reduce your costs and streamline your process.


cost cutting
data integration

Integrate Data

  • Maximize the efficiency of your IT systems by easily integrating the relevant data at the touch of a button.


  • Our extensive selection of standard connectors enables seamless connection to popular systems such as SAP, Jaegger and many more.

  • You can easily use the results in your in-house systems and benefit from the many possibilities offered by a simple push of a button. Let your IT systems work together smoothly and optimize your workflows with ease.


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