Along the Procurement's value chain

Use Cases

Successful supply chain management depends on numerous factors. Efficient and professionally organized purchasing plays a key role in this. Numerous use cases may require the search for new suppliers in purchasing. 7Q1 supports you in all use cases and challenges in the procurement process.

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Globalization of Procurement

If you want to remain competitive in the international arena, you have to scout and source beyond your own nose. Focusing on established structures and regionally known suppliers is no longer in keeping with the times. With 7Q1, you can find the best suppliers for your business worldwide and independent of language, quickly discover new procurement markets and obtain a basis for decision-making for your TCO analysis and the globalization of your procurement.

Second Sourcing

One reliable supplier is good - multiple suppliers for your critical components are better. With a second source, you minimize the risk in the event of a failure and create security for your production. 7Q1 automatically finds the best alternative suppliers for you - for all material groups and across all your products or services. So that you don't have to engage in taskforce sourcing - and not least as an argument for the next price negotiation with your inventory suppliers.

New Allocations

Planned sourcing and new allocations are part of the daily routine of every purchasing department. Make your daily routine more efficient and leave time-consuming searches to our AI: Based on your individual configuration, the 7Q1 algorithm finds the best suppliers for your (new) product, while you can concentrate on value-adding activities. The ideal support for new tenders and your start-up management.

Price Benchmark

Purchasing is where the profit is realized. In order to reliably identify savings potential and consistently implement price savings, you need a solid data basis. 7Q1 supports you in your global price benchmarking: with a longlist of up to 100 perfectly matching suppliers. With the help of our data integration to all common tendering platforms, you can tender broadly and compare prices - and you'll be ideally equipped for the next supplier negotiation.


The opening of a new location requires the development of new structures - especially when it comes to your supply chain. New suppliers have to be found, and local content is often explicitly prescribed. You don't know your way around the new environment yet? Our AI-based supplier search does. 7Q1 helps you to ensure the availability of production-relevant resources, materials and preliminary products as well as services in a short time, even at the new location - worldwide and language-independent.

Taskforce Sourcing

A supplier has dropped out and you need to find a replacement supplier at short notice? In such "taskforce sourcing", speed and efficiency count! With the help of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, 7Q1 helps you find suitable alternatives overnight. The relevant contact data is immediately available in your personal longlist. In this way, you avoid downtimes and quickly restore short-term production supply.

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